API Integration: Incorporate Digital Signature into your systems.

Seamlessly incorporate ArqSign into your existing platforms, amplifying efficiency, bolstering security, and harmonizing workflows.

About API Integration

ArqSign (app.arqsign.com) is a web-based platform tailored for electronic and digital document signatures, employing a robust digital certificate for each signature.

Our services seamlessly integrate with various software, empowering you to send documents for signature directly from your preferred client or company software.

Below, you will find the guide for:

  • Requirements for using the API;
  • Details of available methods;
  • For the POST/api/v1/process/send-document-to-sign method, we explain how to set automatic or manual positioning for the visual representation of the signature.

This crucial information on utilizing this approach can be located in the following resources:

  1. In the manual: Refer to section 6.1.1 "Request: Ref. 10.12 'definirPosicaoAssnaturaAutomatica' (Page 10 and 11)" and Refer to section 12.13 'defineManualSignaturePosition' (Page 11 and 12).
  2. In the online training: Refer to the topic "How to calculate signature placement."
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