Terms and Conditions ArqSign Partner Campaign

  1. Objective: The ArqSign® Partner Program enables partners (“partners”) to facilitate the sale of the ArqSign Platform to a personal or professional contact who has not yet purchased an ArqSign® plan (“Intermediated Contact”). This campaign cannot be used for oneself. In other words, it is not valid to refer oneself or the company for which you are responsible or work. The collection of information through referrals aims to promote the business by generating new leads and sales and is described in the Privacy Policy.
  2. Eligibility: Legal entities with full legal capacity at the time of enrollment in the program, in accordance with the laws of the country in which they are domiciled, can participate.
  3. Commission: The Partner who successfully facilitates a sale will receive a financial commission equivalent to 40% (forty percent) of the contracted plan value by the intermediated client, during the period in which the client remains active (“Commission”). Sales are invoiced by the Partner to the client. Monthly, the Partner will remit 60% of the plan value acquired by the client to ArqSign and retain 40% as a commission for facilitating the sale. Conditions for commission: a) If the referred client cancels their subscription before the contracted period ends, the commission will cease from the moment of cancellation, and the Partner will not be entitled to receive any future amounts related to the facilitated sale; b) The percentage of the subscription retained by the Partner pertains to the amount actually paid by the referred client. Discounts offered to the client will also be subtracted from the Commission, and additions to the ArqSign price list will also be added to the commission and passed on to ArqSign; c) The Partner will not receive the commission in case of non-payment by the referred client, just as ArqSign will not receive the remittance; d) The commission does not apply to additional credits acquired by the client.
  4. Commission Calculation: Monthly, ArqSign will generate a Partner sales report, indicating the amount to be retained by the partner (40% of the subscription amount) and the amount to be remitted to ArqSign (60% of the subscription amount).
  5. Partner Remittance to ArqSign: Payment of the remittance to ArqSign (60%) of the value of the sold plans is made through monthly bank deposits, in accordance with the payments made by the respective clients. Payment of the commission is conditional upon consecutive payment by the client for the contracted service; therefore, if the client does not make the payment or interrupts the plan, ArqSign is not obliged to make the Commission payment to the Partner. A sale facilitation is considered successful when the Referred Contact makes a purchase through the Partner. Commissions are non-transferable and cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions.
  6. Participation Rules: Only sales facilitations made through the Partner will be accepted and commissioned. There are no limits on the number of facilitations. Partners can facilitate as many contacts as they consider can benefit from the products/services offered by ArqSign®. The relationship established in the ArqSign Partner Program does not involve any form of professional exclusivity. This means that partners and ArqSign are free to establish other partnership relationships without prejudice to the program’s proposal.
  7. Final Considerations: ArqSign reserves the right to revoke Commissions obtained with indications of fraud or abuse of the ArqSign Partner Program or any violation of these terms in any other way. The Partner Program is an incentive offered to promote the dissemination and growth of our customer base. This program does not constitute an acquired right for the Partners. We reserve the right to cancel this ArqSign Partner Program at any time and for any reason, just as the partner can cancel their participation at any time and for any reason. The decision to cancel or terminate the ArqSign Partner Program, whether by ArqSign or the partner, requires a written notice to be given at least 30 days in advance. This notice must be communicated both by the partner to ArqSign and by ArqSign to the partner.
  8. In the event of the cancellation of the ArqSign Partner Program, the partner will continue to receive commissions until completing at least 12 commissioned subscriptions for each client. By participating in the Partner Program, Partners acknowledge and agree to all the terms and conditions established herein. Questions and controversies arising from participant claims will be resolved by the organizer through the contact@arqsign.com customer service channel.


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